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Evita Βazakou, Ioanna Spiropoulou and Demetra Nanou began KEENorganic in 2015 with a clear vision — to create organic clothing made in Europe that would fit the lifestyle of the urban kids.
As a women-owned and run company, we knew what our customers were looking for, it was what we wanted for our children. We focused on effortlessly stylish designs and unique prints in high-quality organic fabrics that feel good next to skin. We combined comfort with playfulness. Our customers agreed. And the line and the business grew.
Today KEENorganic is thriving in Greece where we design a full line of mix-and-match, eco-friendly kids clothing. We remain committed to using the finest cotton, grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers and then, only the most gentle, nontoxic dyes, manufacturing from start to finish in Europe, and designing for the real world with simple lines, inherently soft fabrics and motivational prints.


Athens, 6 July 2017
Fun & Imagination: “Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces…”
At KEENorganic, we strongly believe that kids have their own innate sense of style. The new collection captures and enhances an endless summer fun, innocence and imagination of childhood.
As Demetra Nanou, the brand’s designer, put it, the idea was to really dial in on the KEENorganic’s signature— the softest organic cotton on earth in preppy shapes, motivational prints, and a mood-elevating palette of pink, yellow, Attico blue, and white—and then turn up the fun!
SS18 collection is not just bigger, it’s bolder too, reflecting a look that Demetra describes as “very 80s.” As in previous collections, simplicity in styles and away-from-the-body shapes populated much of the collection, adding the vibrant slogan tees for boys, with prints like “Peace begins with a smile” or “Choose to be happy” and delicate hydrangeas, lacy motifs and feminists messages like “Girl power” and “I believe in ME” for girl dresses and tops.
In accordance with the brand’s mission, sourcing was all ethically done and intended to stimulate Greek economy: Organic cotton jersey was knitted in Thessaloniki, Greece and prints were made in local print houses.

Wear A Value Not a Brand T-shirts

100% Organic Cotton T-shirts, inspired by the values parents wish to pass on to their children.
Wearing a Value, emphasises its importance.
Drawn with simple stick figures that children understand and the values of Achievement, Balance and Effort were chosen for our first collection.
We invite you to order one of our 100% organic cotton T-shirts, wear them with your son or daugher, and make a common statement of your family values.

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